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   Welcome to the official website of the EAJP!

The Emory Advocates for Justice in Palestine is a student and faculty organization at Emory University which seeks to provide the campus and the greater Atlanta community with objective up-to-date information about the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.
The modern state of Israel was founded in 1948, in the historic lands of Palestine, based on an expansionist Zionist political ideology.  Under British colonial administration, Western Europeans of Jewish descent migrated to Palestine, established a presence, and were granted sovereignty despite Arab protests. Following Israel's declaration of independence, Israeli forces militarily invaded neighboring Palestinian Arab villages and expelled their Palestinian Arab population to neighboring countries, forcibly establishing the modern state of Israel. The 20th century struggle in Palestine between a colonial-backed power, Israel, and a native population, the Palestinians, is the basis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that exists today.
To the right is a schematic diagram showing the continuous and gradual forced acquisition of Palestinian territory by Israel, against international laws and resolutions. 
The formation of Israel and the Arab backlash that followed have caused serious stress in relations between Muslims, Christians and Jews worldwide. While Israel has achieved great strides in technological growth, political organization, and military advancement, this does not give it the right to oppress the Palestinians and steal their land nor claim their cultural heritage.
The EAJP seeks to speak against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and to address the critical issues of the Palestinian struggle, from the mass expulsions of 1948 to present-day Palestinian home demolitions carried out by the Israeli military. Israel restricts Palestinians from their basic human rights such as restricting them access to their own fresh water while stealing it for Israeli consumption, restricting access to their farmland, road access, safe shelter and peace.  This is the side of Israel that the Israeli government does not want you to see.                                ----------------------------------------------------


The green represents Palestinian land, while the white represents Israeli colonization, from 1947 until 2000.

Our work:

The Emory Advocates for Justice in Palestine is dedicated to the pursuit of justice in the lands of historic Palestine and seeks to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians living within the Occupied Territories of Palestine. The EAJP also seeks to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinian refugees in neighboring Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, due to their expulsion by Israel in 1948.
The Emory Advocates for Justice in Palestine was founded in the Spring of 2008, by a group of student activists committed to the upholding of human rights and international law. EAJP quickly established itself as a reputable organization providing accurate information about the Israeli occupation of Palestine and exposing Israeli human rights violations committed against Palestinian civilians. 

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Emory Advocates for Justice in Palestine

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